Intention, Inspiration, Insight and Impact

All our programs start with an analysis of your passion, agility, strengths and competencies. After you have a good understanding of who you really are, we make a deeper analysis. Our coaches guide you through the following steps: 'Intention, Inspiration, Insight and Impact'. We offer four NanoHacks that allow you to better understand what you want to accomplish, to investigate the alternatives, to understand how you can deal with obstacles and finally, how to build a lasting impact. 

#1: Clarify Your Challenge


Sometimes we solve problems that require us to work through large amounts of data to uncover the real underlying challenge. This NanoHack helps you to isolate and to clarify the challenge you want to solve as a well formulated challenge question can provide the precision needed to think clearly about the right solutions.

#2: Unlock Creative Ideas


Are you starting a new project? Or, are you looking for renewed inspiration and need to refresh your thinking? This NanoHack generates creative ideas from wacky, imaginative connections. Your immediate environment — the very room you are in! — will inspire you to unlock valuable ideas. Play with the most promising ideas to make them a reality.

#3: Stop What Stops You


You have made good progress on your project but something is stopping or slowing you down. This NanoHack will help you get around this issue by finding new solutions that you might have missed before. Focus on your project and imagine unlimited resources and solutions that you will readapt to meet the reality of the situation.

#4: Stay On Track


You want to get somewhere. You define a goal to achieve and focus and something you really want to improve. By defining milestones with measurable, attainable, realistic, and trackable steps you will get there. We learn you to set up 'guard rails' to keep you pointed in the right direction even if the road is rough or you get bumped off track.