Certification Program

Business Opportunity for Professional Coaches

The Certification Program is offered to professional coaches, teachers and consultants. Please, apply and find out if you are eligible to become a NewCOACH. The Certification Program is offered to groups of 8-16 people. When you enrol for the Certification Training, you will be invited for a ZOOM video conference. The certification class will be given in English and will take approximately four hours in two sessions.


Hack Your Future

We offer four NanoHacks that allow you to help your customers to better understand what they want to accomplish, to investigate the alternatives, to understand how they can deal with obstacles and finally, how to build a lasting impact. 

SMRT.bio platform

Unleash Your Talents

All our programs start with an analysis of the passion, agility, strengths and competencies of every individual customer. We make use of the SMRT.bio platform to allow you to run the tests and to do e-Coaching.

Manage your Customers

From any device

Every coach has his own 'Organization' on SMRT.bio. This allows the coach to manage his customers directly from his own SMRT.bio platform. The software is available on mobile, tablet and PC/Mac.

Global Reach


NewCOACH.es is a global network of professional coaches. Constantly, we challenge ourselves to improve our services and to satisfy our customers. On an annual basis, all coaches get update training to make use of the latest insights.

Certification Program

The price for the Certification Program is € 445.- per coach excluding VAT (*). The price for the Annual Update is € 330.- per coach per year excluding VAT (*). 


The Certification Program is offered to professional coaches, teachers and consultants. The Certification Program is delivered through two ZOOM-sessions for groups of 8-16 people. We will contact you within two working days after the application.

(*) VAT is only applicable to European customers located in the European Union.

Certification Program